Bull Nose Design.
Indirect Cove Lighting.

  • Extruded aluminum housings create perfect custom coves of indirect light.
  • Lengths and angles all pre-engineered before shipping for exact fits.
  • Inside and outside corners are available.
  • Easy-mount wall mounting bracket system.
  • Clear dust guard covers LED gear tray.
  • Nominal 6.75″ depth to wall creates an architecturally pleasing cove.
  • Extrusion bottom and front facia ribbed for easy on-site plastering-in.
  • Field paintable for color matching of walls.
  • Cataloged standard or custom set lumens-per-foot performances.
  • 80 CRI standard. 90 CRI available.
  • Dimming down to 1% on 0-10V controls.
  • Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 143.
  • American Made.