Cisco is a worldwide technology development company that enables people to make powerful connections. Their hardware, software and service offerings create the Internet solutions that make networks possible.

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Cisco’s newly renovated $18 million office had to complement their forward thinking and ingenuity. Even though they have been located at 1 Penn Plaza NYC for the past 17 years, within the last two, Cisco has converted their workplace into a smart office that utilizes smart building technology. The 59,000 square foot space collects over 5,000 individual data points using cameras, PoE, and their own smart technology. The data information that is collected and harvested assists Cisco in achieving digital equality and improving the hybrid workplace experience for their employees.

Mercury Architectural Lighting is proud to have had the opportunity to provide our luminaires, ranging from the MLS2-M and MLP3 to custom patterns, for this modern and innovative office space. PoE technology was a predominant factor in the renovation of Cisco’s space and lighting was no exception. The luminaires we provided to Cisco were all PoE compatible, therefore, able to be controlled and monitored through smart technology. Mercury collaborated with PoE companies, like Molex and Igor, to help bring Cisco the efficient, intelligent environment they wish to achieve. Mercury will also provide PoE luminaires for Cisco’s current office renovation in Atlanta, GA.

SALES REP: Electric Lighting Agencies
PoE: Igor, Molex
PARTNERS: Chelsea Lighting