Quality meets design

Lighting can transform a room — creating the illusion of space, adding to the interior scheme or allowing personality to shine through. With its functional and aesthetic properties, and a knife-edge design, our LCKD series creates perfect coves of indirect lighting, in addition, our proprietary sleek direct downlight. The nominal 7.5” depth to wall produces an architecturally pleasing style, while providing overall diffuse illumination and precise aiming.

  • Extruded aluminum housings create perfect custom coves of indirect light.
  • Unique direct downlight component.
  • Lengths and angles all pre-engineered before shipping for exact fits.
  • Inside and outside corners are available.
  • Easy-mount wall mounting bracket system.
  • Clear dust guard covers LED gear tray.
  • Nominal 7.5” depth to wall creates an architecturally pleasing cove.
  • Extrusion bottom and front facia ribbed for easy on-site plastering-in.
  • Field paintable for color matching of walls.
  • Cataloged standard or custom set lumens-per-foot performances.
  • 80 CRI standard. 90 CRI available.
  • Dimming down to 1% on 0-10V controls. Standard for indirect component, optional for direct component.
  • Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 143.
  • American Made.

A custom lighting solution from the innovation experts

Our exclusive LCKD series is ideal for accenting interior spaces — from tight corridors to grand quarters — and creating coves of light to attain the desired architectural character.

Installation made easy

All LCKD components designed to be affixed with our easy-mount wall mounting bracket system. When necessary, a quick connect, plug-thru wiring harness is included. For your convenience, all cove dimensions are pre-engineered to deliver the proper housing lengths and angles for custom fits.


Phillips-Van Heusen

Phillips-Van Heusen took advantage of our LCKD’s sleek and dynamic design, for use in their newly renovated boardroom. The LCKD produces perfect coves of indirect lighting, that also has a direct downlight component.

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