• The Galaxy Collection

    Coming soon to Mercury Architectural Lighting

  • Estée Lauder

    A unique design was envisioned for this world-renowned makeup and hair care manufacturer.

  • MLW2 Series

    Newly engineered proprietary wall washing system creates a glowing transition between wall and ceiling.

  • Harrison French & Associates

    Form and function meet with our sound absorbing MLA system.

  • Knife-edge design

    The LCKD series creates perfect coves of indirect lighting, plus our proprietary sleek direct downlight.

  • Warren Innovation Center

    The crisp, clean profile of our LightStreams MLS3-M architectural series.

  • Coming Soon:
    The Delta Zee

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About Mercury

Our seasoned team of sales, engineering and manufacturing professionals work as one to ensure a perfect, easy‑to‑install product that is proudly “Made in the USA”

Project Spotlight

Custom angles, corners, and curves were all demonstrated in this project for a world-renowned makeup and hair care manufacturer. A unique design was envisioned to capture the company’s “unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.”

What Sets Us Apart

Performance second to none. The highest quality and most specifier and contractor friendly products available. An on‑time record which is unbeatable.

Committed to Quality

Realistic expectations lead to the highest quality lighting products. Expert engineering makes these expectations a reality. A desire to be the best lighting manufacturer in the USA.

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