2″ Suspended
Indirect Distribution


  • Indirect uplighting while being suspended from a ceiling.
  • Extruded aluminum housing for perfectly straight lines of light.
  • Narrow profile; 2-inch width.
  • Linear lengths; 2-ft. and above in increments of one-inch.
  • Non-glare matte-white polyester powder coating finish.
  • Custom colors available.
  • Cable mount from ceiling.
  • Cataloged standard or custom set lumens-per foot performances.
  • 80 CRI standard. 90 CRI available.
  • Continuous dimming capability down to 1% on 0-10V controls.
  • Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 133.
  • Tunable white feature optional.
  • Lighting controls and sensors.
  • Standard and custom corners
  • American Made.
  • A new extrusion with a shallower overall height of just 2-1/8”.
  • A new custom designed batwing-type indirect diffuser. Spreads light from the linear LED boards into two distinct side lobes. When projected onto the ceiling the results are a very consistent and wide spread of illumination.
  • Lightning Program eligible (ships in 15 days or less): See ordering data for options.