Sound Absorbing Feature
Direct or Direct/Indirect Light Distributions
Suspended Mount

  • Now combining the lighting and sound absorbing systems in one coordinated effort.
  • No longer fill a ceiling with unnecessary clutter.
  • LightAcoustic luminaires feature a highly sound-absorbing material surrounding the entire outer housing.
  • Matching slim baffles available for additional sound reduction needs.
  • Medium or dark gray colors standard. Other color choices available.
  • Intended for environments where noise reduction is desired.
  • Typical uses are open office designs, spaces with unfinished ceilings or with lots of glass.
  • Luminaires are nominal 3-inch wide profile. Baffles are nominal ½-inch wide.
  • Height of 8 inches maximizes the efficiency of the sound-absorbing material.
  • Custom longer heights for additional sound reduction are available.
  • Linear lengths; 4Ft., 6Ft. or 8Ft. Custom lengths and runs consult factory.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled as an Igor Ecosystem Partner, wtec smartengine or Molex CoreSync.
  • Tunable white feature for standard system or PoE system.
  • Custom-formulated high diffusion extruded acrylic lens for the direct light component.
  • Custom extruded batwing-type diffuser for the indirect light component. (When indirect is used).
  • Cable mount from ceiling.
  • Cataloged standard or custom set lumens-per-foot performances.
  • 80 CRI standard. 90 CRI available.
  • Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 118.
  • Lighting controls and sensors.
  • American Made.