L.G. Pinkston
High School


L.G. Pinkston High School, home of the Vikings, is part of the Dallas Independent School District. The school was named for Dr. Lee Gresham Pinkston, an eminent African American doctor known for his strong civic leadership. The high school opened in 1964.

A major renovation/addition to the high school included this custom ceiling design composed of competing right-angle triangles. Nexgen Lighting Solutions, a Mercury Lighting sales group out of Carrollton, TX engaged our company to design and manufacture the right-angle shaped recessed luminaires to fit this ceiling design.

The design required a dual recessed finished trim. The outer edges were to fit a screw-slot or interlude mount trim. The inner trim had to support the internal ceiling tile. Our senior engineering staff completed their task on time. Drawings and working samples were submitted for approval and field verification. Upon approval, our manufacturing team went ahead with production. Note in the photo, there is a right-side luminaire and a mirror image left-side luminaire.

A successful problem-free installation was achieved with near-perfect lighting and quality levels obtained.