Single architecturally-curved wide scale diffuser. Curved reflector. 4″ deep.

  • Available in 2×2 and 2×4 module sizes.
  • Shallow recessed ambient LED luminaire.
  • Wider scale gently-curving high transmission acrylic diffuser surrounds the LED light source enabling a very wide and near-perfect light distribution.
  • Delivers a balanced amount of horizontal and vertical illumination.
  • Custom formulated high diffusion acrylic material allows for maximum light transmission while eliminating pixilation and hot spots.
  • Digital LED technology provides high efficacy and energy efficiency.
  • Multiple power and light levels are offered as standard to allow meeting design and energy needs per application. Custom factory set levels available on request.
  • Lumen maintenance; Reported L70 (hours) & L80 (hours) > 60,000.
  • CRI greater than 80.
  • Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 125.
  • American Made.
  • Matching surface luminaire: LW25 Series.