High Lumen Industrial
High-Bay LED Luminaire
Diffuser Enclosed LED Design

  • High-Bay style linear ambient LED luminaire.
  • Performance designed for very high lumen packages.
  • Intended for the higher ceilings found in industrial locations as well as warehouses, big box retailing and gymnasiums.
  • Ultra-thin thermally designed full body style housing.
  • Enclosed LED design features twin high transmission acrylic diffusers which protect the LED modules. Also provides a softer, more visually comfortable illuminated luminaire along with a wider distribution pattern.
  • Select R style for the rounded diffusers, select S style for the square diffusers.
  • Standard nominal lumen packages cataloged for a 24” length or a 46” length module.
  • Other lumen packages upon request.
  • Digital LED technology provides high efficacy and energy efficiency.
  • No maintenance required as High Bay LED luminaries require no re-lamping efforts.
  • Extremely important with intended mounting heights up to 35 feet.
  • Lumen maintenance; Reported L70 (hours) & L80 (hours) > 60,000.
  • CRI greater than 80.
  • Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 129.
  • For new installations or direct replacement for older HID or fluorescent luminaries.