Lumasence Bi-Level LED Lighting System


  • Motion sensing bi-level stairwell and passageway LED lighting system.
  • OSS/Advanced Occupancy Sensing System.
  • Multiple standby and time delay settings.
  • Field adjustable sensitivity.
  • Multiple power and 100% lumen output packages are factory set and cataloged to meet design and energy needs per application.
  • Custom factory set levels available on request.
  • Impact-resistant acrylic diffuser suitable for public spaces.
  • Complies with all ADA requirements.
  • CRI greater than 80.
  • Lumen maintenance; Reported L70 (hours) & L80 (hours) > 60,000.
  • Fixture lumens per watt ratios up to 142.
  • American Made.


  • Stairwells and similar low-traffic public areas require 24-hour lighting for safety and security. In reality, occupancy in these areas can be near zero.
  • OSS technology provides a very low level of illumination. An extremely sensitive infrared occupancy sensor detects the slightest movement and turns luminaire to full brightness.
  • Once occupancy is no longer detected luminaire returns to standby level.
  • Optional standby lighting battery backup modules further enhances the requirements for emergency egress from buildings.